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About us

ARCTERA aims to revolutionize medical simulation.

Our ultimate purpose is to save patients’ lives that arise due to poor clinical decision-making. We believe that high-quality medical simulation should be accessible to all healthcare professionals worldwide, to reduce the amount of unnecessary deaths that occur globally due to poor clinical decision-making.

The best way to improve clinical decision-making is to see patients, and lots of them, whether in person or simulated environments. A major challenge for medical undergraduate and postgraduate trainees is the application of theoretical knowledge to the management of patients. Now more than ever in the era of COVID-19, it is even harder to learn from patients in clinical environments, with reduced time in hospital placements for students and a need for remote learning.

Our vision is to provide healthcare professionals with their own virtual teaching hospital, a safe haven for practicing medical decision-making without the ethical consequences of learning on real patients. Our novel cognitive simulator  resembling the sights and sounds of real clinical environments allows users to think and act like clinicians at the virtual patients bedside. Training competent, confident doctors can reduce decision-making error and will save the lives and wellbeing of patients.